Abundance manifestation is what many would like to learn. Most people equate having money as abundance. However, their life experiences have proven that it has not been quite as easy to achieve having truckloads of cash. After some futile attempts at joining get-rich-quick schemes, they find themselves giving up. They conclude that the law of attraction does not work.

Abundance Manifestation

Success is acquired through understanding why things fail to function as they should rather than making hasty conclusions and giving up prematurely. Albert Einstein himself confessed to working at his inventions many times over before getting a breakthrough. At each obstacle, he did not give up but realized that he has to find another way how to do it.

Hence it is important to examine why you have not been quite successful at manifestation. Here are 4 possible blocks to manifesting abundance:

1. Poor Beliefs about Abundance.

To begin with, having positive beliefs about abundance is important. Science has proven that the mind draws to it what it focuses on. Beliefs are just thoughts. If you are experiencing negative outcomes or are not able to manifest what you desire, it means that there is a lot more disbelief. You do not believe that it is possible to attain your dreams. You are held back by your limiting fears. Abundance manifestation becomes more difficult.

2. Negative Emotions.

Every time you think about money or other forms of abundance, you react negatively. It may be worry or frustration or just about any negative emotion. Your negative emotion is an indication that you are out of alignment to who you really are inside. Your inner conflict lets you know that you are not in a vibrational match to your desires.

3. Low Self Worth.

If you have low sense of worthiness, then it will be very difficult to enjoy more successes. In fact, it is accurate to say that poor self esteem can have a direct impact of many aspects of your life such as relationships, work or career, home etc. You are a creator of your life experiences. Yet if you believe and feel that you are not deserving of abundance, then it will most definitely be what you are going to be experiencing.

4. No Clarity of What You Desire.

When you have no clarity what you would really like to be receiving, you will probably find yourself unable to bring your dreams forward. Abundance is not measured by money alone. Having lots of creative ideas is also a sign of abundance. So it may be that you have been asking for abundance, but the Universe provides you with an infinite supply of ideas for you to pursue.

You may wish to investigate what abundance means to you. Mostly, we get influenced by what others want. We are affected by the expectations of society, our parents and friends. We pursue things out of fear that we will be left behind. It is important to have a clear idea of what you desire for. Because when you are not clear, you get mixed results. Confusion reigns, since you find yourself not quite hitting the mark.

Abundance Manifestation

Your desires have to be authentic to you. In other words, each one of us have their own dreams and aspirations therefore the solution in achieving them would also vary. A wiser way forward for us all is to believe that we are endowed with skills and talents necessary to reach our dreams no matter how high they are. Therefore the greatest obstacle that we need to address are our blocks.

With all the things that are mentioned about believing in ourselves better, it is vital that we understand we can change our thoughts and therefore, change our reality. There are two parts to our thinking – the right side and the left side. The right side is responsible for our intuitive creative thinking. It is all about living in the moment. It thinks in pictures learning a great deal through our bodies. It derives information from our sensory organs and it translates them into impressions of what the moment is all about in terms of what we feel, taste, see, or hear.

Abundance Manifestation

On the other hand the left side is the one responsible for using information about the past to analyze. It is the part of our brain that will recall things that happened in the past and use it to project what may happen in the future. Whenever we have moments of hesitation it is our left brain that is introducing its fears.

It is important then that we practice using our right side of the brain more often. Focusing on our right side assists us in enhancing our creativity and intuition. We also acknowledge our left-brained thoughts but find ways to allay our fears. Learning to work well with both sides of our brain can most certainly help us in abundance manifestation.

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