aligning with the universeI’ve always believed that the number one thing that blocks most people’s ability to manifest is doubt. Doubt:

  • in our own abilities,

  • in the process,

  • that we deserve good things, or

  • that the universe agrees that we are deserving

Not having faith in your ability to manifest is normal. It is only by practicing and seeing positive results that you will learn to trust your abilities.

Cause and effect

The process of manifestation that makes it all happen — guaranteed — is cause and effect. The universe is like a breeding ground of possibility and the only thing missing is your desire and driving intention. When you put your desire and good intentions into the mix, you’re providing nature with the spark that changes the potential into an actualized event. (Until that moment, the world of energy is sitting, patiently awaiting instructions from you!)

You should always “place your order” in an affirmative manner and with as much specificity as possible. Remember, the universe follows your desires “to a T” — so be as exact in your demands as possible. And, yes, I did say DEMANDS; this is not the time to be wishy-washy or self-effacing.

 Remember — you absolutely deserve good things! Spiritually brilliant people — like Jesus Christ (and others) — said quite plainly: YOU ARE HEIR to the kingdom. Ask and it shall be given on to you! This doesn’t in anyway imply “maybe.”

You will receive

Of course seeking is one thing; and receiving is another. If your intentions are in line with receiving what you deserve and not at the expense of anyone else, then you will receive.

I believe that the the world we perceive today – and all the people and other forms in it (living and non-living) – is a result of the universe being faceted into zillions of parts. Similar to a hologram, each part (which includes me and you) is equal to and has all the same “data” as the whole. In other words, the universe and you (or me) is/are one.

From within this belief system – which, by the way, has proven itself to be absolutely true in my own life – from within this belief system, what the universe aspires to (or wants) it achieves through me (and you and other forms). As such, the mere fact that I feel a need or desire is indicative of the fact that the universe feels the same need or desire.

By practicing manifestation, I am merely satisfying the universe’s desire and helping it into form.

If, in fact, the universe didn’t want me to have something, I wouldn’t feel the urge, and …

the fact that I have the desire (urge) to begin with, tells me that I’m already in alignment with the universe.

Proper intention

This is why proper intention is so important. Prior to attempting to manifest any thing or situation, we want to be sure that we’re in alignment with the universe and that we’re not just coming from a place of ego. By setting right-minded intention (e.g. I want this manifestation to help others.), we are gently moving the ego out of the way and facilitating a better alignment with our Higher Self (universe).

To repeat what I said earlier: Not having faith in your ability to manifest is normal. It is only by practicing and seeing positive results that you will learn to trust your abilities.

Practice, practice, practice – and in time you’ll be sure to experience manifestation perfection; and eventually manifestation perfection.

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