Procrastination is the number one destroyer of dreams. How many dreams and goals live in our minds but never manifest, because we put them off “until the time is right,” or for a zillion other ‘reasons’?

Manifesting & Procrastination

However much time we spend visioning and meditating on our dreams, at some point we will need to take action. As the thought-energy begins to take physical form, the people, things and situations that facilitate manifestation will come into your consciousness. And then what? Do you take those opportunities and run with them, or suddenly have a panic attack and do nothing?

Procrastination is fear. It’s the inner voice that says “I can’t.” The thing is, you CAN! The thought-energy is already there; the opportunities have arisen; nothing will manifest ONLY if you don’t act!

Procrastination is an avoidance technique that has become habit. And it’s very effective! If you don’t act, then new and possibly uncomfortable things will not happen… but to manifest your desires, you have to do the new and uncomfortable until it becomes old and comfortable – and keep pushing that envelope until your goal has manifested.

Breaking the procrastination habit is not difficult. It can be done one step at a time. A habit is simply an action repeated over time – so to undo the habit, remove the action (or in the case of procrastination, ‘inaction’). Here are some ways to break the habit:

Just do something!

The more you do what needs to be done, the easier it becomes. With every task accomplished, you’ll feel more confident and enthusiastic. Seeing results bolsters your thought-energy, and the whole thing builds incredible momentum.

Decide Right Now

Take any task you’ve been avoiding and decide, right now, to commit 5 minutes to it. That’s all – 5 minutes. Whether the task is completed once you’ve begun is irrelevant – the point is that you’ve forced yourself to take action. It’s interesting that most of the time, you’ll end up completing the task.

Doing Something Productive

Think about how much time you spend thinking about a task you don’t want to do – how much time that could be spent actually doing something productive! See tip #2. That’s all you have to do. Making yourself useful is easy!

Do One Proactive Thing Every Single Morning…

…before you do anything else. If you take this time to do one of the things you’ve been avoiding, you’ll get a fabulous boost to your confidence and determination. Something as small as writing a check or sending an email can have exponential results. Do that one thing FIRST, before you get caught up in the day’s activities. It’s so tempting, to say “I’ll get to that as soon as I…” but by doing that, you have procrastinated again! No matter how much you’re not looking forward to doing a particular task, force yourself to do it. Get it out of the way! Starting the day off with one positive, proactive action sets the tone for the day.

Break Daunting Tasks Down

If you’re faced with a daunting task, break it down into manageable components and DO NOT DELAY in taking care of each component, one at a time, until the problem is solved. Inaction breeds fear, which in turn breeds more inaction. By the same token, action breeds confidence, which in turn breeds more action. And it is with action that problems are solved.

No Excuses

Do you have excuses? If your inaction stems from a reason (such as not being able to purchase a necessary piece of equipment because your account is overdrawn), are you going to turn that reason into an excuse, or figure out some alternative? Always remember – there are NO reasons, ONLY excuses. “Can’t” and “won’t” are not interchangeable.

Many people think that laziness is the cause of procrastination. But more often than not, we are simply afraid. So if you want to manifest your goals, do something. Take that first step, and then another. Most things you do on a daily basis are not monumental. They don’t have a dramatic or immediate impact or cause noticeable change. But every single thing you do has a consequence.

Start with powerful, intense visualization and when the right opportunities present themselves, DO NOT procrastinate. Just do something. Act on the opportunity.

When will you start?

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