Slick Trick Manifesting

Long before I had ever heard of creative visualization or power manifestation, a spiritual friend taught me a practical trick to bring things I needed into my life.  It was so easy and had so few “rules” that it nearly unnerved me in it’s simplicity.  He never said anything about keeping a good intention, about practicing the thing a certain number of times a day, or about maintaining a special spiritual demeanor then or ever.  But he personally had an extremely grateful attitude about life in general, and I believe it was so strong that it wiped out the need for spiritual recommendations, rules, or regulations.

Here is what my friend told me: Whenever you want something from the universe, just ask.

My friend was a rich old soul with a great sense of humor, vibrant energy, and firm but slightly irreverent attitude about things.  He didn’t go into long explanations about why this asking thing would work, just that the universe would always respond to honest requests.

When I begged him for more information, my friend said that the reason it works is:

  • We’re children of the universe and the plentiful universe wants us to have whatever we need
  • When we have a desire, it’s actually something the universe is nudging us toward because it’s already been manifest and is just waiting for us to get it
  • It’s the universe’s nature to give and we should learn to practice doing that in our own lives

Too good to be true

Of course, to the uninitiated, this all sounded dandy and too good to be true!  And when I expressed these notions to him, he reminded me to always be appreciative (in other words, grateful) and truthful.  Don’t just selfishly ask for things I didn’t really need and be very respectful of the powerful exchange taking place between the universe and me.

Then I asked how or where I should expect to receive these gifts?  Anywhere you can, he answered.  Just sincerely put the request out there and keep my eyes (and ears) open.  The gifts, he said, would find their way to me.

So, trusting him implicitly, I decided to give it a whirl.  One day while cleaning house and falling over a pile of loose tape cassettes, I stopped for a second and smiled.  That, I thought strongly, is something I need.  A holder for my tape cassettes.

The next morning, as I brought trash down to my trash room, I opened the door to find that someone had thrown away a practically new tape cassette holder.  When I excitedly called my friend to proclaim success, he said to me, “Next time I’d specify that I wanted a brand new one.  Why be willing to accept second-hand goods?”

Over time, similar things began to happen with regularity.  Sometimes I “discovered” the items in the garbage room, sometimes I’d find items alongside the road, other times the item would be in a yard sale, and sometimes I’d simply receive the item as a gift. None time I was walking home from work and “found” a fantastic shirt — still in the wrapping and with the receipt — in someone else’s trash on the street!

Some very important ideas

So, to make a long story short (it took a few years for me to develop enough faith in the process to get it down right), my friend’s advice turned out to be an introduction to the laws of manifestation. Without naming it as such, he helped to instill in me some very important ideas.  Namely:

  1. You can — literally — have anything you want.  Why?  Because, as a child of the universe (again, literally), you’re heir to anything the universe holds.
  2. You deserve to have whatever you desire because the universe desires that it be so.  (It’s important that you not be wantonly greedy and that you intentions are to never harm another person.)
  3. The universe is plentiful and has enough for everybody.  More than enough, actually. So, your gifts do not come from someone’s allotment.

Learn to work with the process of manifestation and, as you do, you’ll discover your own specific way of manifesting people, places, and things into your life — in ways that resonate with you!

What’s your Slick Trick?

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  • Beyourownpsychic

    This is so true – I have been teaching people the power of manifesting for a long time and it works – I have many testimonials for prove it.

  • Super-mom-37

    WOW I see a serpent. This women holds some very deep nasty thoughts in her head. My entire body pushed her engery away.

  • Liz

    That first picture gives me the creeps. Soft at the root but I feel that she had deep wounds from her childhood (maybe from her mother??). Unstable personality due to that, bad side coming out now and then or she lost it at some point (trigger). Manipulative keeps coming to my mind. Struggle between her buried anger and being a good person.

  • Lulugraphics

    I also got a shy woman, very turned inward, possibly beaten down either physically or psychically/emotionally/culturally. That is more so the first pic, the second pic seems as though she has escaped somewhat from the control she was under, she is more brave and stronger but still wary like she still has to watch out for the gains she’s made. Also in both pix, her left eye seems more stressed or angry.

  • Mango Mojito Pina Colada

    At first glance, it was something about her that I did not trust, someone negative, intense and deceitful. As I let my vision go out of focus and double, then go back together, I saw something truly evil about her; I had to catch my breath!

  • Mango Mojito Pina Colada

    At first glance, it was something about her that I did not trust, someone negative, intense and deceitful. As I let my vision go out of focus and double, then go back together, I saw something truly evil about her; I had to catch my breath!